Free Credit Score Check

Check Your Credit Score For Free

You can check your credit score for free. If there are inaccuracies, you can request corrections to your credit report.

On this page, you can:

  • Request your credit report
  • Review your credit report
  • Correct inaccuracies in your credit record
  • Freeze your credit record
  • Access additional assistance for victims of scams and identity theft

Free Credit Report

You have the option to request your credit report from any of the three credit reporting agencies in New Zealand: Centrix, Equifax, and illion. Each agency operates on its own process and timeframe, so it’s essential to review these before making your choice.

To proceed with free credit score report, select the desired credit reporting agency from the following links:

  • Centrix : Navigate to the ‘Apply for your personal credit report’ section on their website.

  • Equifax: In the products section of their website, choose ‘Get my report in 10 business days’.

  • illion : Click on ‘Get started’ on their website to initiate the process.

Review your credit report.

Review your credit report to ensure the accuracy of the information listed. Look for any unauthorized inquiries or accounts that you didn’t request or give permission for.

If you suspect fraudulent access to your credit record, consider placing a freeze on your record

Here are some key areas to check:

Unsolicited Credit Accounts: Verify that all credit accounts listed on your record are ones you applied for. If you don’t recognize an organization’s name, cross-reference your records or conduct a search to identify any unfamiliar entities.

Unrecognized Missed Payments: Check for any instances of missed payments reported on your accounts, as these can adversely affect your credit score. If you identify discrepancies, contact the credit provider to rectify the issue. They are obligated to investigate and correct any erroneous data.

Unknown Defaults: Ensure that any listed credit details, especially defaults, are accurate. Defaults occur when multiple payments are missed with a credit provider, leading to the account being referred to a debt collection agency. If you believe the default information is incorrect, reach out to the organization associated with the credit default for resolution.

Unauthorized Credit Inquiries: Confirm that all credit inquiries on your report are ones you authorized. Typically, organizations seek your consent before accessing your credit report for credit applications. If you spot any unauthorized inquiries, investigate further.

Overall Report Accuracy: If you believe there are inaccuracies in your credit report, promptly contact the credit reporting agency to query and correct the information

Fix Your Credit Score

To rectify inaccuracies in your credit record, you must reach out to each of the three credit reporting agencies individually, as each company has its own procedure for handling corrections:

Centrix : Contact Centrix directly to inquire about your record and request corrections.

Equifax : Follow Equifax’s credit disputes process to address any discrepancies in your credit report.

illion: Log in to your illion account to query your record and initiate the correction process.

Freeze Your Credit Record

To freeze your credit record, also known as a ‘Credit file suppression’, you can request this action from each credit reporting agency. This prevents unauthorized access to your credit record, making it more challenging for individuals to obtain credit under your name.

Here’s how to request a credit file suppression (freeze) with each agency:

  • Centrix 
  • Equifax 
  • illion

During the freeze period, the credit reporting agency is prohibited from releasing your credit record to any party. However, if you need to access your record, you can request the agency to release the information.

For such requests to be processed:

  • They must be submitted in writing.
  • You need to specify the organization you want the credit record to be released to.

The credit reporting agency will then release the information to the designated organization as per your request.