Tenant Background Checks

Tenant Background Checks

In need of tenant background check services in NZ? We’ve got you covered! Discover the top background and credit check services tailored for the New Zealand market, all conveniently available in one place. Simplify your tenant screening process and make confident, informed decisions today.

In New Zealand, landlords and property managers have several options for obtaining credit checks on potential tenants. Here are some common avenues:

TenantCheck: Offers a range of checks including credit histories from three main credit agencies in New Zealand: Equifax, Centrix, and Illion. They provide different levels of checks, with prices ranging from $15 for a Quick Check to $89 for a Full Check, which is more comprehensive and includes checks from all major credit agencies and additional sources like the Tenancy Tribunal and police records​

Centrix: Centrix provides a Tenancy Credit Check that combines information from a Consumer Credit Report with Tenancy Tribunal files to gauge a tenant’s creditworthiness. This service emphasizes the importance of verifying a tenant’s identity independently

Doublecheck: Doublecheck is known for comprehensive tenant credit and background checks, offering detailed reports that aggregate information from over 20 sources, including a decade’s worth of records. This service aims to provide landlords with a robust understanding of a tenant’s history and creditworthiness

Namecheck: Namecheck offers instant online credit checks and utilizes a database that includes Tenancy Tribunal and employment law records. It emphasizes the importance of credit checking as a crucial step in the tenant screening process to identify suitable tenants who will respect the property and meet their rental obligations

Each of these services provides a different level of detail and pricing, so landlords can choose the one that best fits their needs. It’s essential to conduct these checks to ensure you are making informed decisions about who you’re renting your property to